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The law on bioethics extends medically assisted procreation (MAP) to female couples and single women and gives new rights to children born from MAP. It contains other provisions, in particular on the self-storage of gametes for non-medical reasons, research on embryos and stem cells.

After years of waiting...

Decree No. 2021-1243 published on September 28, 2021 sets the conditions for organizing and taking charge of medically assisted procreation courses

What changes:

 Support and reimbursement of PMA for all women in France under the following conditions:


- Being in a female couple (married or not), being a single woman

- Make a consent in front of a notary (cost around 300€)

- follow the process (follow-up by a gynecologist, interview with a psychologist, reflection period of 1 month)



-6 IADs

-Less than 4 IVF with donation (up to 43 years old)

-VTE up to 45 years (NEW)

How to proceed? 

To know if you areeligible 

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3 formulas are possible according to your needs:


Package at 70€ (only the reimbursement file)

Membership at 110€ or 200€ 

Visit ourmembership page 

French pricing
In vitro fertilization (IVF) packages (with transfer)

€1,581.93: with egg donation
€2,612.95: intra conjugal, without donation 
€2,612.95: with sperm donation
€519.48:reception of embryos
€519.48: transfer of frozen embryos
€38.40: artificial insemination
€1,365: double donation
€1,175.56: vitrification of oocytes

€40.50: Annual fee for the conservation of gametes or embryos (after the first year following collection)

100%of the amount of expenditure in thelimit of 5,000 euros: DPI package

100%of the amount of expenditure in the€300 limit(only for the person receiving care): PMA transport package

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