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Editorial charter

Fertilemag is a space for discussion and sharing dedicated to fertility and the desire for children. 

It is available through a websitewww.fertilemag.comand a digital magazine. 



Editorial objectives

Fertilemag is intended for people wishing to have a child, through natural conception, or a course of Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA) - via IAC, IAD, In vitro Fertilization, gamete donation, oocyte donation , sperm donation, embryo reception, in France and abroad. 


The message ? Each family is unique in its history. Like all the others, yours is written step by step. On Fertilemag you will find advice, inspiration, reports, events and a place to share to ensure the happiest outcome.



Editorial line of Fertilemag


Here, it will therefore be a question of #parenting, of #families, of the #children who make them up, of the #parents who hope for them.

It will be about #fertility, #PMA, donations, conservation and self-preservation of gametes (sperm, oocyte), the law, the law, their adaptations and evolutions, places of care, interventions and professionals of here and elsewhere who currently make the parenthood you want possible.


Fertilemag is a space for exchange and contact, for freedom of speech and expression of all forms of parenthood.


Fertilemag will decline all of these themes in the form of articles, portraits, interviews, reports, testimonials.




Conditions of reuse, reproduction of content


Any reproduction, reuse and/or sharing of information and articles, products and exploited and published on Fertilemag is subject to the prior agreement of the publication managers.


Copyright infringements will be legally sanctioned.

The infractions

  • The violation of the moral rights of the author (for example someone infringes the right of disclosure or paternity of the author, infringement of the right to respect for the work);

  • Violation of its economic rights (reproduction and/or representation in whole or in part of the work without the authorization of the author).

In case of dispute, the victim can seize the civil judge by means of a summons before the Tribunal de Grande Instance in order to obtain among other measures:  

  • the allocation of damages to the author in compensation for the damage suffered

  • cessation of exploitation of the infringing work

The victim can also seize the criminal judge by filing a complaint with the Public Prosecutor.

These offenses give rise to criminal penalties (Article L. 335-2 CPI: 3 years' imprisonment, a fine of 300,000 euros and, where applicable, confiscation of the revenue generated by the offense or the infringing objects).

New uses: specific sanctions 

There are also specific sanctions: in the event of circumvention of technical protection measures, the penalties incurred range from 3,750 euros to 30,000 euros in fines and up to 6 months' imprisonment (article L. 335-3-1 and L.335-3-2 CPI). 

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