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No reimbursement file for IVF ROPA!

Terms and conditions

The CEE Overseas Reimbursement File has been around since 2008 for heterosexual couples, and there are no issues today, applications are accepted if the instructions are followed and followed.

At the request of many of you, we have made a reimbursement file for couples of women and single women. The reimbursement file for heterosexual couples does not change, but the good news is that from now on double donation is authorized allowing reimbursement for this technique.


What changes:

-Double donation allowed

-IVF up to age 43 (does not change)

-VTE up to 45 years for women

Couple amoureux

We remind you that the FERTILEMAG membership at 100 €, gives you access* if you are eligible:

In the reimbursement file containing:

  • Procedure for requesting support

  • Refund request procedure

  • Help with making your claim

  • Verification of your support request file by email every day before sending it to your social security.

  • Help with complaints or problems*

 * UNIQUEMENT  SI  vous  avez  bien_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ respected  the instructions we give you in the reimbursement file.

  • a telephone reception, advice and mini-coaching

  • an accompaniment to the assessment in the treatments of PMA

  • preferential rates at our partner clinics

But also: 

  • assistance in finding a specialist (treatment follow-up)

  • access to the portable direct line, to theFacebook group FertileMagand in the forum (currently being updated)

  • an additional reduction of €80* once a year, deducted from the treatment (for Fertilab Barcelona and Quironsalud clinics) support for your reimbursement file

  • documents allowing an easy journey (Mutual consent, teenage testimony, webinar event with Léa Karpel clinical psychologist, Spanish bioethics law and many other useful documents) 

  • Discounts with certain therapists and health professionals

Couple avec leur bébé

We do not deal with:

Ø Mutuals but however you can print the examples of reimbursement statements (and give it to your mutual insurance company by mentioning to them that you are going to be in this case, and that you want to know the amount of coverage if possible.

Click on your situation:

French pricing
In vitro fertilization (IVF) packages (with transfer)

€1,581.93: with egg donation
€2,612.95: intra conjugal, without donation 
€2,612.95: with sperm donation
€519.48:reception of embryos
€519.48: transfer of frozen embryos
€38.40: artificial insemination
€1,365: double donation
€1,175.56: vitrification of oocytes

€40.50: Annual fee for the conservation of gametes or embryos (after the first year following collection)

100%of the amount of expenditure in thelimit of 5,000 euros: DPI Package

100%of the amount of expenditure in the€300 limit(only for the person receiving care): PMA transport package

In any case, do not forget that this file is complex and that it is preferable to have help to be able to benefit from it. For people who wish to be accompanied from the beginning, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone 09 70 44 04 14

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