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Couple ludique

If I use egg donation IVF, sperm donation IVF, embryo reception, double donation or VTE?

The prior agreement file for treatment abroad is accessible:


To heterosexual couples 

Who are in the following situation:

  • The couple or one of the members has medically confirmed pathological sterility or infertility (infertility assessment)

  • One of the members of the couple is carrier of a serious disease, likely to be transmitted to the spouse or the child.

  • Identical treatment cannot be obtained in France within an acceptable period.


-6 IAC, or IAD

-Less than 4 IVF with or without donation (IVF with own oocytes and joint sperm are not reimbursed since they are covered in France within a reasonable time) up to 43 years old

-VTE up to 45 (NEW)


If you have performed IVF or insemination. You must not have exceeded the number of attempts covered by social security in France or abroad.

  • An FIV  is counted by the  social security only if there is embryo transfer

  • IVF without actual transfer is not counted by social security

  • Vitrified Embryo Transfers (VTE or TEC) do not count as an IVF attempt


A positive blood test, miscarriage, or birth can reset the counters to   zero.



We do not deal with:

Ø Transport. Namely, the CPAM as soon as it grants care, it automatically grants transport for the lady (only if you have ALD or 100% infertility). For other plans, you will need to submit a transport request.

How to proceed ?

To find out if you are eligible 

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3 formulas are possible according to your needs:


Package at €70 (only reimbursement file)

Membership at 110€ or 200€

Visit ourmembership page 

French pricing
In vitro fertilization (IVF) packages (with transfer)

€1,581.93: with egg donation
€2,612.95: intra conjugal, without donation 
€2,612.95: with sperm donation
€519.48:reception of embryos
€519.48: transfer of frozen embryos
€38.40: artificial insemination
€1,365: double donation
€1,175.56: vitrification of oocytes

€40.50: Annual fee for the conservation of gametes or embryos (after the first year following collection)

100%of the amount of expenditure in thelimit of 5,000 euros: DPI package

100%of the amount of expenditure in the€300 limit(only for the person receiving care): PMA transport package

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