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Our friends are your friends

Friends by the Lake

Kdos Moms

For all women who have become mothers thanks to egg donation, sperm donation, embryo reception, double donation in France or abroad (regardless of the clinic) but also future donation mothers who have already started the journey or not, to donors who are thinking about making a donation or who have already made a donation, to the grannies of the donation.... This path is difficult but what a joy to become a mother.... Join the largest group of mothers of the donation


Egg donationwhat if we talked about it

After working on a project that was really close to my heart, a book in which I tell my story of being a single mother, the conception of my son, all alone (Title: “Conceiving in solo: believing in your ability to be a mother” ed. BOD), I created this group, a forum for exchange between single women or in couple who would like to become a mother and who wonder a lot about when, how, where, how much, for how long and if it doesn't work, what are the options,...? But also for women in a relationship who have difficulty conceiving and who do not know the solutions that exist. The fatality that is our biological clock should not be a taboo.

pma dans tous ses etats.jpg

PMA in all its/these states

This group was created:


- For all those who need to exchange in order to be reassured, to feel less alone

- For couples who have difficulty conceiving and who are forced to go through the PMA course.

Amis couvrant les yeux
amis Étreindre

Azoospermia, male infertility and pregnancy

This group is only for couples whose men have sperm problems mainly from Azoospermia which is a semen abnormality characterized by the complete absence of sperm in the ejaculation. It obviously leads to the infertility of the man, because in the absence of spermatozoa, there can be no fertilization. and many are the couples who are concerned together we will share our experience and tips that can be useful I do not wish us

concevoir en solo.jpg

Design solo: 

the PMA of singles

Group created in 2015 for mothers and future mothers with edometriosis


Endo moms and future moms

Group created in 2015 for mothers and future mothers with edometriosis

Amis sur une montagne
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