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Fertility Webinars

Find the list of available webinars soon

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By fertility experts.

For patients with fertility problems.



Fertilemag shares their events with you

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My Fertility Answers Mission

Sharing valuable ART knowledge and expertise with those struggling to become parents
Answers to patients by assisted reproduction experts
Connecting with the best fertility experts in the world

But how do they do it? The answer is simple: they share their knowledge through webinars and patient meetings on mesreponsessurlafertilité.fr! The goal of their interactive videos is to help patients make informed decisions when choosing the right country and clinic for their fertility treatment, and to give them the opportunity to learn more about treatment options. available. This is why they turn to the most reputable specialists in the field of assisted reproductive technologies and are always very happy when they agree to share their expertise with all of us. Participants very much appreciate the insight into all aspects of ART procedures that they get through these webinars. Just read their enthusiastic comments to understand how important this support is to them!

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