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The first magazine of fertility and the desire for children 

December 2022


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Numéro 3


After the release of our first issue in April 2021, we return at the end of the year with the publication of our second magazine. 

While our daily life is picking up color, PMA for all is finally here.

Many requests for the reimbursement of care abroad concerning single women or women in homosexual couples have already reached us. An article is dedicated to him.

In this issue, we will talk about endometriosis, ART techniques, tips and advice.

You will discover assisted reproduction clinics, interviews with specialists and various and varied articles.

With the end-of-year celebrations approaching, we hope that each of you will be able, next year, to have a baby in your arms and to be able to experience the wonderful adventure of being a parent.

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PMA for all is now...

numéro 2

June 2022


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At the origin of FertileMag is a dream, just as a child begins its existence by the magic of our wish. 

True to a dream, mine unfolds against the backdrop of an extraordinary story.

It was very early, at the age of recklessness, that the question of the desire to have a child came to me, following an operation and a final verdict from the doctor._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I undertook thousands of hours of research and reading, traveled across Europe and discovered human generosity and commitment. It's all this that allowed me to become a mother of 3 wonderful children. 

Like a pioneer of assisted reproduction with oocyte donation, I wanted to open and facilitate the way for all women and men who needed help to realize their project of having a child with donation. This is how I founded the CEKI association, International Kdos Children's Community, to support more than 35,000 people to date towards their dream. 


I met people there that changed my life. Nathalie Jouquey, mother of a boy born following a PMA, has become my sister at heart and an unwavering support in all my projects, a driving force still today to offer you FertileMag. 


Every day, I am amazed by the singular brilliance that emanates from the people I meet, and by the innumerable facets that the desire for a child takes on.  


It is therefore with you and for you that I am building FertileMag, this great mosaic that brings together all that is fertility and the desire for children today. 

The richness of the backgrounds of the team that came together at my side gives FertileMag a bit of wisdom and eccentricity to soften and light your way. 


Thus, FertileMag beats to the rhythm of your story and ours. You will find there:  

* advice for making informed choices

* inspiration to put you into action

* events to bring us together

* an overview to better orient you

* reports from the field for a fair view of reality 

* a place of sharing to move forward together, with momentum and joy


I invite you to walk a long way together to allow our dreams to grow and take their first breath. 


Onward to the adventure of a lifetime!


“BBs are not all born in cabbages”

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