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Léa KARPEL, clinical psychologist
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In teleconsultation or in the office

We are pleased to introduce Léa KARPEL, clinical psychologist specializing in perinatality. Contact as well as ALL television/radio shows, etc... in which she participated, find everything!



Clinical Psychologist

Perinatal specialist

6 bis avenue Mac Mahon 75017 PARIS

Phone: 06 71 00 55 28



TV shows

France 2: Issue"The Mother's House", broadcast on February 9, 2022: “Donation of gametes, how are these children built? », guest Léa KARPEL

M6 Group (Teva)Interview filmed in Paris, January 24, 2019, by Stéphanie Mishi, Journalist, director, theme: "Children of PMA", included in the documentary broadcast in April 2019

France 5,Issue"Kindergartens", broadcast on May 1, 2018, “Make a child alone”, guest Léa KARPEL

France 5,Issue"Kindergartens", December 7, 2017, “Should children be told about gamete donation? » Broadcast live, guest Léa Karpel

France 5,Issue"Kindergartens", May 7, 2015, “  The donation of gametes: what parents do they become? “, invited Léa Karpel.

Radio shows

France blue, September 29, 2015,Gwenaelle Coupez show, We tell each other everything, Theme: Infertility, Guest: L. Karpel.

french culture, June 10, 2015,Rene Frydman show, Medical revolutions, Theme: Egg donation, sperm donation, guests: L. Karpel and Pierre Jouannet. 

media press


magicmom(Marie-Claire group), Nov-Dec 2018. AMP course: Do men find their place? Interview with L. Karpel, 2005, The experience of infertility, Interview filmed online


Part of collective works:


L. Karpel, "The anonymity of gamete donation in question" In Practice in Gynecology-Obstetrics, ss the dir. by Raccah Tebeka, Deschamps and Goffinet, Paris, Masson, CNGOF, 2016.

L. Karpel, "The experience of the medicalization of conception", In The encyclopedia of birth in the light of the human sciences, under the dir. by M.Szejer and R.Frydman, Paris, Masson, Coll. "The Cause of Babies", 2011.

Articles in national scientific journals with peer review:

- L.Karpel, N.Frydman, L.Hesters, R.Fanchin, R.Frydman, M.Flis-Trèves, “Talking about adoption in PMA”, In Obstetrics Gynecology and Fertility, 35 (2007); p.232-239.

- L.Karpel, M.Flis-Trèves, V.Blanchet, F.Olivennes, R.Frydman, “Oocyte donation: secrets and lies”, In Journal of obstetrics gynecology and reproductive biology, 2005, Vol 34; p.557-567.

Articles in national scientific journals without peer review:

L. Karpel, Very late pregnancies: inexhaustible desires and obstetrical truths”, Gynecology and practical obstetrics, N°277, September 2015, pp.6-8.

Oral communications at national congresses:

- 25th Practical Obstetrics Gynecology Fair, March 19, 2015 –  PARIS – Infertility Workshop, For well-born souls, value does not wait for years, The age of women: inexhaustible desires and obstetrical truths, L.Karpel, R.Frydman, JM Ayoubi

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