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PMA quality charter - Charter of good practices


Why a PMA quality charter?


Many clinics have equipped themselves, in France and elsewhere, to accommodate the growing number of people who need assisted reproduction to conceive and give birth to their child. 


How to find one's way in the face of such a plethoric offer? How to choose the right clinic?


FertileMag lists for you the assisted reproduction clinics that meet the assisted reproduction quality charter in order to guarantee you solid support, both in the reception and treatment of patients, and in administrative management. 


What are the commitments made by the clinics responding to the PMA quality charter?


-Proposing the appropriate treatment or medical approach and informing about the risks, to allow you to have an informed vision and to be involved in your PMA journey.


- Limit the number of embryos to be transferred to a maximum of 2, regardless of the type of transfer, to ensure your safety and that of your child. 


-Establish clear and complete quotes facilitating a fair estimate of the costs to be incurred for your PMA.


-Agree appropriate rates


-Let FertileMag act as a mediator in the event of difficulty during the processing or management of your journey. 


-Respect commitments made to patients. 


-Engage in a process of continuous improvement in the techniques and services offered to patients.


The FertileMag team is at your disposal to define more precisely a list of clinics adapted to your child's project.

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